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Sept. 18, 2019

To Buy a House and Live in Dawson Springs, Learn the Facts About Closing Costs

To live in Dawson Springs, learn about closing costs.Buying a house to live in Dawson Springs is very exciting and a very big investment. It is important to understand all of the costs associated with buying a home. The out of pocket expenses are more than just the monthly mortgage payment. Home buyers should be award that closing costs are usually the buyers’ responsibility. These costs include some one time items and some recurring payments. These can include such items as recording fees, inspections, courier charges, origination fees for the loan, reserves to set up an escrow account, prepaid interest, flood insurance, fire insurance, and title insurance. Ask your lender to go through each item with you to be sure that you understand all that you are paying for.

Before You Visit Dawson Springs Property, Find Your Lender

It is always a good idea to shop around for a lender. Ask friends or professionals who live in Dawson Springs for recommendations. Not only are you looking for a great interest rate, but also a solid company that has reasonable fees. Talk to at least three mortgage lenders and take a close look at their good-faith estimate. This will break down all of the lender prices and fees so that you can compare and see who is offering the best deal.

Closing costs usually turn out to be about 3% of the sales price of the Dawson Springs property. This money usually cannot be borrowed, but there are a few ways to get help. Talk to your realtor about the possibility of asking the seller to pay for all or part of the closing costs. Depending on the market, this could be a great negotiation tool. There are also county or state down payment assistance programs available in some areas. These programs can help with the down payment and also provide or lend money for closing costs and are definitely worth checking out.


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Sept. 16, 2019

Finding a Real Estate Agent Is the First Step to Buying Clay Property

Find a real estate agent to buy Clay property.When you first decide to shop for Clay property, you might be wondering what your first step should be. Talk to a lender? Research real estate agents? Start searching Clay real estate online? Don’t get caught in a hamster wheel of indecision and don’t start visiting open houses with no clear plans. Some people might tell you to start interviewing lenders first and get pre-approval before talking to agents. This doesn’t work well for most house hunters, though. Unless you have a ton of experience with real estate purchases, you’ll need some guidance on what kind of loans will work for you. You’ll also need recommendations of lenders who are good about closing deals on time.

Your Clay Real Estate Agent Will Guide You to the Right Mortgage Lender

Real estate agents deal with mortgage lenders every day. They know which ones are easy to work with. A good agent will also be able to direct you toward different loan products, as well as recommend local programs that can help you with a down payment. Real estate agents have a broad view of the home buying process and are experienced in guiding buyers from start to finish. On the other hand, mortgage lenders are specialists. They work with all the details of home loans, but they don’t necessarily know which agents are the most experienced and helpful to their clients.

Since your real estate agent is such a central person in your search for Clay property, it’s vital to interview several agents. You need to feel comfortable discussing your housing needs and feel the agent is really listening to you. An agent experienced in the neighborhoods you like is imperative. Be sure to let them know you’re talking to several agents to determine the best fit for you. Most agents are used to people calling to interview them and will offer an initial in-person consultation.

If you’re looking for an experienced West Kentucky real estate agent, give the office a call! We’d be happy to go over your plans and work together.


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Sept. 11, 2019

Why You Should Disclose Everything When Selling a Dawson Springs Home

Discuss disclosure on your Dawson Springs home with your agent.Selling your house is a big, complex deal. There’s all the work on the house itself you do, then there is a ton of paperwork, including the property disclosure. Most people think of the disclosure as protection of the buyer. It also protects the seller, so it’s vital to tell your real estate agent everything, no matter how small. This includes any work you’ve had done on your Dawson Springs home. Most cities require a permit for even simple-seeming jobs, like installing a new toilet or dishwasher.

Dawson Springs Real Estate Buyers Prefer to Know About Issues in Advance

Why do we recommend our clients disclose extensively on Dawson Springs real estate transactions? There are three important reasons. First, and most seriously, you don’t want to get sued over an issue that becomes apparent after the sale that you knew about but did not disclose beforehand. Lawsuits take up a lot of time and money. Being honest is an insurance policy against going to court.

Some clients worry that buyers might be scared off by too much disclosure. That may happen on occasion, but most people feel that the seller is being honest and transparent with them when there is an extensive disclosure. Buyers who have really set their hearts on a Dawson Springs home are often willing to overlook issues if they know about them up front.

It’s far more likely that buyers will back out of a deal if they learn about unpermitted work or other issues after the fact. Most people can cope with issues they know about but feel blindsided by problems they discover from a third party. Be sure to let your real estate agent know if you’ve had any work done on the house or around the property, including cutting down trees. If you didn’t get a permit but should have, you can probably get one after the fact. The best course of action is to find out about permits before doing the work and make sure your contractor gets one.

If you’re thinking of selling in the Dawson Springs area, get in touch with the office. We’d be happy to go over your house with you and talk about disclosure or anything else you need help with!


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Sept. 9, 2019

How to Hire a Home Inspector for Providence Real Estate

Research Providence real estate home inspectors.A home inspection is an important aspect of purchasing Providence real estate. A good home inspector can give buyers valuable information about their property and catch any problems that could cost a large amount of money to fix. Many experienced realtors have recommendations for trustworthy home inspectors. Always do your own research and ask some questions before hiring a home inspector. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you choose and tag along during the inspection. It is a great way to learn about the house you hope to buy.

Research State Requirements for Providence Home Inspectors

Many states require home inspectors to be licensed, but some do not. If you live in a state where licensing is required, make sure everything is current and up to date. If you live in a state that does not require licensing, make sure that the inspector is a member of a professional organization that provides training and certification. ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and InterNACHI are a few such organizations.

Ask questions to make sure that the inspector you choose for your Providence home is experienced. When in doubt, there are many national companies of home inspectors. These companies have developed technology, tools, and training to ensure their inspectors are up to snuff. These major companies can usually provide excellent service and generally stay up to date on industry news.

A final item to inquire about when choosing a home inspector for your Providence real estate is if the inspector carries not only general liability insurance, but also professional liability insurance. General liability insurance will cover any damage that occurs during an inspection and professional liability insurance will cover errors and omissions. States have different requirements for types of insurance coverage needed, but it is safest to have both in this line of work. Ask if they have both and also inquire about coverage amounts.


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Sept. 4, 2019

If You Want to Live in Clay, Here Are the Most Important Questions to Answer

To live in Clay, ask questions about any house you consider.Making an offer on a house to live in Clay is a big deal. It is a huge investment and it is very important to be sure that the house is best for you and your situation. Doing research and asking some great questions can ensure that the house fits your budget, meets your needs for many years to come, and is not riddled with problems. Here are a few important things to consider:

Total Budget: Keep in mind that it is not just the sale price you need to consider when crunching the numbers to purchase a house and live in Clay. There are also closing costs, property taxes, homeowners insurance, maintenance, renovations, and possibly homeowners association dues. Be sure to take all of these numbers into account when looking at the total cost.

Find out About Any Major Repairs or Renovations to Clay Property

Condition of the House: A seller is supposed to disclose any defects, but they may not be aware of everything. This is why it is important to have a home inspection done. If a home inspection contingency was included, it is a way to back out if there are major issues. You will want to know if there were any additions or renovations done and if they were done properly with a permit. It is also important to know the age and condition of the roof and other major systems in the home. This will give you a better idea of when things may need to be replaced so that you can factor it into the budget.

How the House Fits into Your Lifestyle: How far is the Clay property away from work, family, and friends? Do you plan to start a family in the future? If so, is the house large enough? How are the neighbors and what is the vibe of the neighborhood? Visit at various times of the day to see what it is like at the home in the morning, afternoon, and night on both weekdays and weekends.

It’s always an honor to help people find a great home. Contact the office to set up an appointment!


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Sept. 2, 2019

Do You Need an Agent to Buy or Sell Providence Property? YES YES YES!

Work with a real estate agent to buy Providence property.When buying or selling a Providence property, it may be tempting to do it yourself without an experienced real estate agent. In the age of technology and the ease of online searches, some may be beginning to wonder if the age of real estate agents may be coming to a close. So much information is available at our fingertips, why should anyone count on an agent to find potential properties? Are their fees really worth what they bring to the table?

An Agent Will Help You Start out Right Living in Providence

It is interesting to look at the data. The National Association of REALTORS® has been tracking information on working without an agent since 1981. The 2018 numbers show that only 7% of buyers worked without an agent and only 7% of listings were for-sale-by-owner. An overwhelming majority of people understand the benefits of working with a professional. A real estate transaction is a big deal and a huge investment. There are real risks involved and it is really best to work with someone that knows what they are doing. Start living in Providence with peace of mind, knowing your agent has taken care of all the legal paperwork.

An agent will know the ins and outs of the current market while searching for a Providence property. They will know what price points are reasonable, have experience in home flaws that should be walked away from, and have plenty of practice with negotiating. An agent will also help buyers to understand the lengthy paperwork involved with buying a home and have recommendations for lenders, home inspectors, and other industry professionals. When selling a home, a real estate professional will be able to offer advice for what to spruce up and what to leave be. They can also offer staging advice, get the price for your property right, and help to market your home to potential buyers. Time after time an experienced agent will more than pay for themselves in utilizing their skills.


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Aug. 28, 2019

Quick and Easy Is the Way to Go to Renovate Dawson Springs Real Estate for Selling

Small projects are best before selling Dawson Springs real estate.Renovation projects can be a lot of fun, but they also come with hefty price tags and require a huge time investment. Some Dawson Springs real estate owners are willing to undergo these hassles to make their current home just how they’ve always wanted it. But sometimes, people want to do big projects in the hope that their Dawson Springs home will sell for more than others in the neighborhood. The truth is that big renovations don’t usually get a big return on the investment. It’s the smaller and less expensive changes that snag a higher selling price. This means that you should only start on large renovation if it’s something you want and will enjoy.

Flowers, New Paint, and Shiny Hardware Make Your Dawson Springs Home Look Great

For anyone planning to enter the Dawson Springs real estate market, here are a few projects that many real estate agents recommend.

1. Curb appeal. People form an impression of a house very quickly, so make sure the first thing prospective buyers see is a beautiful front yard and porch. Mow the lawn, prune the trees and bushes, and add some pretty flowers. A new front door or a fresh coat of paint on the old one are some of the best improvements you can make.

2. Interior paint and flooring. Of course, you’re going to start by decluttering and deep cleaning. When that’s all done, talk with your agent about popular paint colors. White is a safe choice, but if you can manage something a big more interesting it will make your house stand out. New carpet is surprisingly cheap. New engineered flooring options look great. Some are even easy enough to install yourself.

3. New hardware. Again, check with your agent about what finishes seem to be adding value for buyers. Sleek new drawer pulls and cabinet handles in the kitchen and bathrooms are quickly installed and can really pack a punch.

Please give our office a call so we can help you get your house in tip top shape to sell!


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Aug. 26, 2019

Why Pricing Your Clay Home to Sell Is More Important Than When You List It

Price your Clay home according to the market.When you announce that you’re going to sell your Clay home, you’ll probably be deluged with all sorts of theories about the right time to list the house. Never list in the winter! Spring is the best time! Don’t sell your house if it’s too hot, too cold, during the holidays...and on and on. While there is some truth to the idea that timing is important and that certain seasons see more activity than others, experts in the field say that pricing the house competitively for the market is actually the most important thing.

People shop for Clay real estate all year, and they have many different reasons for moving. Families with kids might want to move over the summer so as not to disrupt their kids’ school schedules. People get amazing job offers all year round and might have to move in a hurry. House sellers might be downsizing or have health conditions that require moving to be close to the right kind of medical care. This, too, can happen any time in the year.

Price Clay Real Estate for the Market, Whatever the Season

What does all this mean for selling a Clay home? If you have time, you can consider waiting for spring and nice weather. But if you suddenly need to move in the dead of winter or the height of the summer heat, don’t worry. There’s almost certainly someone at the same time who needs to move to this area just as quickly as you do. Remember that a lot of home shopping takes place online.

The key here is to work with a real estate agent who knows the market well. They’ll be able to help you price the house correctly, so the people who are looking for it will find it. People refine their searches by price range and home size and end up with a short list of possibles to actually visit.

When you’re ready to sell your house, give the office a call. Let’s work together!


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Aug. 21, 2019

Tips for Healthy Houseplants for Anyone Living in Providence

Plant lovers living in Providence take care of their houseplants.Houseplants can provide many benefits to homeowners living in Providence. They can really beautify a room and improve the quality of the air. Houseplants can also provide stress relief and increase productivity when working. Just with all living things, all of these benefits cannot come without a little time and effort. Luckily they do not require fancy tools or a ton of time, but plants do need to be cared for regularly. Many people are unsure how to properly maintain houseplants, so here are a few tips.

Find Out What Plants Will Thrive on Providence Property

First of all, do a little research on the types of houseplants that you have. All plants have different needs, so to keep them healthy, look them up in a book or online. Some may need to be watered only once a week while others might need water every other day. Some plants may be picky about the type of water they receive. I’m looking at you, orchids! Plain tap water may not do it. It might be necessary to let water sit out overnight before watering and it is often best to collect rainwater from outside. Plants often need different amounts of water during different seasons. Most do not need as much water in the winter.

Some other houseplant tips for those living in Providence include giving them fertilizer and finding a good location. While researching your houseplants, be sure to look for how much light each plant needs. Some need a ton of sunlight and others do great in the shade. Keep in mind that sunlight is not the only factor to consider when choosing a location in your Providence property. In general, it is a good idea to keep plants away from heat vents because they dry out the air. If plants are placed near drafty windows, you may need to move them to a new spot during the winter months. If you have questions, visit a local plant nursery. The people there are usually very knowledgeable and happy to help!


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Aug. 19, 2019

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Floors for Dawson Springs Property

Dawson Springs property owners consider hardwood and vinyl planking.There are many options for sprucing up your Dawson Springs property before selling. One project that can have a high return on investment is installing new flooring. Carpet has definitely lost popularity lately, so hardwood or vinyl flooring is likely to be on a buyer’s must have list when looking for a Dawson springs property. It is not always an easy choice when deciding between hardwood and vinyl plank flooring that looks like hardwood. Here are a few things to consider.

Of course, hardwood flooring will cost more, but many buyers will be impressed that your home has genuine hardwood flooring. That could help your home to sell faster and for more money. Hardwood flooring is also very durable, but must be taken care of properly. Hardwoods can be refinished and are likely to stand the test of time.

Vinyl plank flooring comes in at a lower price tag and is much easier to install on your own without the help of a professional. There is much less prep work involved and it can be installed over many existing floors, plywood, OSB sub floors, or even concrete slabs. It is also really easy to clean and take care of. Spills can be wiped up easily, especially since vinyl plank flooring is water resistant.

Ask Others Living in Dawson Springs about Hardwood vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Think about what will fit in your home and who might be buying it. If you just did a few minor upgrades, only spending a few thousand dollars around your home, it may not make sense to spend the money on real hardwoods. If you have done major work on the home and there are many upgrades, it may certainly make sense to go all out on hardwood flooring. If it is likely a family with small children will be purchasing your home, they may not want the task of taking care of hardwoods. Also ask friends living in Dawson Springs or your realtor for advice. It never hurts to get the opinions of others.


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