Get a good agent to buy Dawson Springs real estate quicklyHome buying season is in full swing, and many people are checking out Dawson Springs real estate and thinking of purchasing their first home. For some people, the need to choose a Dawson Springs home quickly is even more urgent. Perhaps you’re changing jobs on short notice, you need to get out of an apartment before the rent is raised or the landlord is especially difficult, or maybe you just feel like now is the time to become a home owner. Whatever your reason, we have several tips to help you make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible.

First things first, hire an experienced real estate agent. A good agent is an invaluable resource, especially if you’ve never bought a house before. He or she can recommend a good lender, tell you about down payment assistance, and help you narrow down your house hunting to only the houses that meet your criteria. A good agent can also help you narrow down your criteria to something reasonable!

A New Dawson Springs Home Could Be Your Best Bet

Be sure to ask your agent about new housing developments. These can be a little more expensive than an already built home. However, they often have programs to attract new home buyers. In the long run a new home can be a better bet than an older home, since all the appliances and major structures will be brand-new.

Next, get your finances in order. Get your latest pay stubs, tax returns, and credit score together. The bank will be looking at all these, and maybe other documents, too, to determine how big of a loan you qualify for. It’s a good idea to get pre approved as soon as you know which lender you want to work with. This will help you determine your budget and further narrow down your search. You also look more attractive to sellers when you have a pre approval letter.

Finally, get packing or hire a moving company. Professional movers are astoundingly fast at packing up an apartment or house. They also take most of the headache of packing out of your hands. And you don’t have to drive a weird rented moving truck. It’s more expensive, but it can be worth it to eliminate the stress.

If you need to find Dawson Springs real estate to buy in a hurry, get in touch with our office at 270.635.1495. We’d be happy to help you!