Shop Clay real estate in the winter months.Searching for Clay real estate during the colder months may seem like a bad idea, but there are actually many reasons that it can be beneficial. First of all, if it does not sound good to you, it probably does not sound good to others either, so there will be less competition. Another advantage is that a home is more likely to show flaws during the colder months, so you will have a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. Home systems have to work harder when it is cold and problems will be more evident when looking at houses at lower temperatures.

Check out the Major Systems in any Clay Home Before You Buy

Getting out to look at open houses can also be a great way to beat the winter blues. It is a fun way to get out and about when you may otherwise be stuck at home. While checking out open houses, or visiting Clay real estate with a realtor, check for drafts or leaks and imagine living in the home during the winter. Chances are, things could only get better during warmer weather. This is also a great time to check out parking and think about how ice may form and if shoveling snow would be easy or a major chore. Take a look around to see if this home is on a plow route or if roads stay icy well after storms.

Searching for a Clay home during the winter months means that you can be very thorough. Snuggle up with your computer and a hot beverage and do research. Make a long list of potential houses. Learn more about the home buying process, look up property records and read home inspection reports. Read more about the mortgage process and shop around for lenders. Make sure you are getting the best rate and also look at fees. Being thorough in mortgage research can save tons of money in the long run.