Make a plan for your Clay property moveMoving is a notoriously stressful process, but there are steps you can take to lighten the burden on yourself and your family. If you’re considering buying or selling Clay property, plan ahead to help things go more smoothly.

1. Declutter and start packing early. While you’re tidying and organizing to get your house on the market, evaluate your possessions critically. Donate or dispose of items you haven’t used in the last year or so. Pack up and carefully label off-season items and anything else you won’t need while your house is on the market.

Plan to Have Essentials Easy to Find at New Clay Real Estate

2. Speaking of packing, be strategic and label everything clearly. It may be tempting to throw all your clothes and shoes into one gigantic box. However, it will be super heavy to move it, and your things will be a mess when you get to new Clay real estate. Instead, think about what you will need as soon as you arrive. Pack those things together in smaller, easy to carry boxes. You’ll want your bedding, a capsule wardrobe for school or work, toiletries, and items like a laptop and chargers.

3. Call in favors. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do before you move. Ask family and friends to help you pack, plan, and clean. After a day of work, go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.

4. Double check details. Be sure to check in with your real estate agent so you are certain of the day you move out of your old house and into your new Clay property. Be sure you have utilities scheduled to be turned on or off on the right days, too.

5. Rent a truck or hire professionals. Those moving a short distance can probably get away with renting a moving truck for a few days. If you’re moving a long way or to a new state, research and hire a reputable moving company. Either way, be sure to schedule the service you need in advance. This will keep you from having to scramble at the last moment and will probably save money, too.

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