Find out what Clay real estate buyers like about your house.When selling your Clay real estate, it may have never crossed your mind to ask for feedback after potential buyers have looked at your home. However, doing so could provide valuable information for completing your home sale quickly and for top dollar. Chatting with a buyer about how this home would fit their needs can let you know if they are truly interested. If they start talking about how their cat would love the sunshine coming in the window, they are probably thinking about making an offer. If they start listing off things that they do not like, for instance little pantry space, offer some storage solutions that could make the home work better for them. See what it would take for someone to make an offer today and maybe you could make it happen.

Listen to the Preferences of Clay Home Buyers to Sell Your House Faster

Asking potential buyers about what they like best about your Clay real estate and what they like least can also give you valuable information. If you hear the same comments over and over about the color of the laundry room, the old carpet in the bedroom, or the dated hardware on the kitchen cabinets, it may be time to look into updating those items to make the home more appealing to buyers. By hearing what people love about your Clay home, you can know what to emphasize in marketing materials or when people are walking through. If everyone loves how convenient the laundry room is to the bedrooms and how large and beautiful the trees are, be sure to point that out when others are looking at the property.

Also ask potential buyers how this home compares to others they have looked at in terms of the house itself and the price. This will also give you valuable information for marketing purposes and also let you know if you should consider adjusting the price. In a hot market, this information may not be important, but if it is a buyer’s market, it does not hurt to do everything possible to make your house shine and stand out to potential buyers.

It can often be helpful to have your real estate agent have these conversations. Potential buyers may find it easier to be open about what they don’t like about a house to a third party. If you’re thinking of selling your home, please get in touch with our office. We’d love to part of your team in this important time!