Find a real estate agent to buy Clay property.When you first decide to shop for Clay property, you might be wondering what your first step should be. Talk to a lender? Research real estate agents? Start searching Clay real estate online? Don’t get caught in a hamster wheel of indecision and don’t start visiting open houses with no clear plans. Some people might tell you to start interviewing lenders first and get pre-approval before talking to agents. This doesn’t work well for most house hunters, though. Unless you have a ton of experience with real estate purchases, you’ll need some guidance on what kind of loans will work for you. You’ll also need recommendations of lenders who are good about closing deals on time.

Your Clay Real Estate Agent Will Guide You to the Right Mortgage Lender

Real estate agents deal with mortgage lenders every day. They know which ones are easy to work with. A good agent will also be able to direct you toward different loan products, as well as recommend local programs that can help you with a down payment. Real estate agents have a broad view of the home buying process and are experienced in guiding buyers from start to finish. On the other hand, mortgage lenders are specialists. They work with all the details of home loans, but they don’t necessarily know which agents are the most experienced and helpful to their clients.

Since your real estate agent is such a central person in your search for Clay property, it’s vital to interview several agents. You need to feel comfortable discussing your housing needs and feel the agent is really listening to you. An agent experienced in the neighborhoods you like is imperative. Be sure to let them know you’re talking to several agents to determine the best fit for you. Most agents are used to people calling to interview them and will offer an initial in-person consultation.

If you’re looking for an experienced West Kentucky real estate agent, give the office a call! We’d be happy to go over your plans and work together.