Get staging tips for a Dawson Springs homeMost people start their house hunting online, visiting agents’ websites or the big real estate aggregators. This is why real estate photography and home staging have become such thriving services. It’s vital to put your Dawson Springs home’s best face forward when you list it online. Paying for professionals to stage and take pictures is the ideal, but not everyone can afford it. If you’re on a budget, read our top seven tips for home staging to help you sell your house quickly and for a great price.

Stage Dawson Springs Real Estate to Get Great Photos

1. Make your home feel spacious. Of course, you begin the process by purging unwanted items and packing belongings you won’t need while you’re in the process of moving. Then, go through closets and cupboards and make sure they are at most half full. Stuffed storage spaces look small and cramped. Potential buyers will look in storage areas of the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Make sure the garage and basement, if you have one, are cleared out, too.

2. Update the kitchen. Simple changes, like putting in brushed silver or stainless steel hardware, will make the kitchen seem much more modern than leaving in old brass hardware from the 80s. If your cabinets look a little sad but are in good shape overall, consider painting them or sanding and staining.

Be sure the counters are cleared off and organize the drawers and cupboards. Don’t forget to clean out the fridge, too. Many people will go through every storage space, so make them look big and well organized.

3. Make sure the bathrooms gleam. A shining, tidy bathroom with white towels on display looks beautiful and relaxing. Counters should be clear in the bathrooms, too. If you’re doing your own photos, be sure the toilet seats are down. Also keep yourself out of the reflection in the mirror.

4. Create a haven of rest in the bedrooms. Make the beds carefully and consider getting a few throw pillows for an extra pop of color. If you don’t have a headboard, think about buying one. It will give the room a focal point. Make sure the colors in the room coordinate and are gender neutral.

5. Get lots of light into the living room. Open the shades and add extra lamps if necessary to flood the room with light. A bright room is inviting, while a dark room is gloomy and forbidding. Consider investing in a good quality couch cover in a pale color if your couch needs a bit of an update.

6. Set the table in the dining room. Pretty place settings allow buyers to imagine throwing a party in their new Dawson Springs home. Fresh flowers on the table are a nice touch.

7. Depersonalize as much as you can. This applies throughout the house. Take down family photos. Paint over bright walls in a neutral. Think of your house as a canvas. You want potential buyers to be able to image their life in the house.

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