Use focal points to jazz up a Clay home.Whether you’re planning to put your Clay home up for sale or you just want to improve its decor, there are lots of easy ways to create the feeling of luxury. Professional home stagers do this by creating a feeling of space and light. A very simple change to make is the way you hang curtains. Attach the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as you can, and make sure that when you open the curtains they are totally clear of the windows.

Another easy way to add light to Clay real estate is to literally add more lamps, along with overhead lighting and wall sconces. If you have a little money to spend, consider items that could be anchoring pieces in a room, like a large piece of art, a really elegant armchair, or an eye-catching rug. You don’t have to go crazy. In fact, having just one or two fine pieces make them stand out and get noticed.

Use Paint and Art Work to Jazz up Clay Real Estate

Don’t forget the walls. Paint, wainscotting, and trim can all work to your advantage and don’t have to be expensive to pack a punch. A careful use of color can take a room up a level, and adding crown moulding will take a room from boring to elegant very quickly. Painting the front door a bold color can be another great choice. If you’re unsure about what will work, you can hire an experienced painter or interior designer to do a consult. You can even find designers who offer e-packages and cost less than traditional consultations.

Putting in new flooring is an excellent way to make a Clay home look more luxurious. Hardwood floors are amazing and last a long time. The price tag might be too much for some budgets. In that case, check out quality vinyl plank flooring. It has the look of hardwood while being easier on the wallet. It’s also pretty easy to install yourself.