To live in Clay, ask questions about any house you consider.Making an offer on a house to live in Clay is a big deal. It is a huge investment and it is very important to be sure that the house is best for you and your situation. Doing research and asking some great questions can ensure that the house fits your budget, meets your needs for many years to come, and is not riddled with problems. Here are a few important things to consider:

Total Budget: Keep in mind that it is not just the sale price you need to consider when crunching the numbers to purchase a house and live in Clay. There are also closing costs, property taxes, homeowners insurance, maintenance, renovations, and possibly homeowners association dues. Be sure to take all of these numbers into account when looking at the total cost.

Find out About Any Major Repairs or Renovations to Clay Property

Condition of the House: A seller is supposed to disclose any defects, but they may not be aware of everything. This is why it is important to have a home inspection done. If a home inspection contingency was included, it is a way to back out if there are major issues. You will want to know if there were any additions or renovations done and if they were done properly with a permit. It is also important to know the age and condition of the roof and other major systems in the home. This will give you a better idea of when things may need to be replaced so that you can factor it into the budget.

How the House Fits into Your Lifestyle: How far is the Clay property away from work, family, and friends? Do you plan to start a family in the future? If so, is the house large enough? How are the neighbors and what is the vibe of the neighborhood? Visit at various times of the day to see what it is like at the home in the morning, afternoon, and night on both weekdays and weekends.

It’s always an honor to help people find a great home. Contact the office to set up an appointment!