Get Providence real estate ready to sellDeciding to enter the Providence real estate market is a huge decision. Once you’re sure it’s time to move, you need to get to roll up your sleeves. Getting a Providence home ready to sell takes a lot of work. The first step is to do a major purge. Donate or throw out items you don’t want or need anymore. Pack up seasonal clothing and decorations. You want to make your house appear as large as possible. Concentrate on clearing out storage spaces and horizontal surfaces. This also gives you a jump start on packing.

Clean and Declutter to Make Your Providence Home Seem Bigger

You also should consider storing some of your larger items of furniture. Take a look at professionally staged spaces. Notice the way furniture is laid out. For example, a living room is usually laid out with one major conversational space and a smaller one if there is room. Furniture is not pushed to the edges of the room but brought to the center. Having space around the furniture helps the room seem bigger. Also make sure that each room has a clear purpose. If you have a guest room/junk room/home office/exercise room, pick one purpose and furnish it accordingly. People want to be able to imagine living in a new house, but having a jumble of stuff in a room makes that difficult.

The next step for getting Providence real estate market ready is to deep clean. Hiring a company could be a good investment, since they will be able to accomplish the job quickly and efficiently. Make sure the whole house sparkles. This will make it much more appealing to potential buyers.

Once the house has been deep cleaned, it’s time to paint. It’s usually best to choose a warm neutral. Not only will a neutral help your house appear larger, it will allow buyers to imagine how they might decorate. Consider lighting, too. It’s a good idea to put in high-wattage bulbs in all fixtures. Lots of bright light will help show off the house to its best advantage.

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