Live in Clay and get a home inspection.Whether you already live in Clay and are moving to a new place or are moving in from elsewhere, the process of finding a new house is pretty intense. It’s a huge relief to finally find the perfect Clay property. However, before you tell everyone you know about your new house, you need to have the place inspected. It’s hard, but you need to try not to get super attached before the inspector’s report comes back. First of all, if the house has major issues with the foundation, for example, you should really find a different place. Secondly, you don’t know whether the seller will agree to do the repairs you want.

Be on the Lookout for Common Problems with Older Clay Property

With a newer home, you don’t expect to have a lot of problems, but that doesn’t mean you should pass on the home inspection. However, with an older home, you should be aware of whether the wiring is grounded and what type of material the plumbing is made of. Be sure to get an inspection of the sewer lines. You also need to know the age of the HVAC and water heater. A heating and cooling system usually lasts about 20 years, while a water heater will last around 10 years. A roof inspection is another must-have. You may have to hire a separate company for it. Some sellers get on in advance and have a roof certification that means the roof is in good shape.

A lot of things come in to play when sellers are deciding whether to do repairs or not. In a sellers market, they might just decide to go with another, less picky buyer. If they need to move quickly, they might agree just to have the house sold. You should also consider whether you want the seller to do the repairs or if you will accept a cash credit so you can do them yourself. Asking the seller to pay for a home warranty is another good idea. This will allow you to live in Clay with peace of mind, knowing you’ll be able to take care of large unexpected repairs.