Live in Clay and keep your house in good shape.If you live in Clay and are thinking of selling your home, there are lots of projects you might need to tackle before putting on the market. First time home owners should also start making a plan for preventive maintenance. Taking care of small problems quickly keeps them from becoming big and expensive. Keeping the exterior of your home in good shape will make it a pleasure to come home, as well as increasing curb appeal if you’re selling.

One part of your Clay property you might not think of are the windows. Newer construction will have efficient modern windows, which should last a long time. Older windows, however, maybe have frames that are warped. This means that the windows do not shut all the way and end up letting in hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. You’ll end up with higher utility bills because of inefficient windows. You can seal and reseal the frames or you can replace the windows with efficient newer models.

Keep the Roof on Your Clay Property in Top Shape

Before you buy a house, you should find out how old the roof is. A roof should last around 30 years. Homeowners should also be careful about checking for broken or warped roof tiles. Get them replaced as soon as you notice them. This keeps your roof going longer. Check the metal flashing around the roof, too.

Keeping the exterior paint in order is another important part of outdoor maintenance. Not only does a well-painted house look better, the paint protects the materials underneath from the weather. When you decide it’s time to repaint, look around the neighborhood and try to pick a color that works well with the other houses. Most real estate agents advise going with neutrals. The same goes for the front door, though there is more leeway to go with a bright red or deep blue. Painting the exterior requires specialized tools, so it’s probably best to hire a company to do it for you.

Whether you live in Clay already and are looking to move or want to live in the area, feel free to give our office a call. We’d be happy to discuss your next house purchase and what you should do to get your current one on the market.