Get permits before remodeling a Providence homeHome renovation is big business, and many Providence home owners decide to add on or remodel. Sometimes the work is done in preparation for putting the house on the market. Others decide to do work in order to make their property fit their needs better. While renovations can be expensive, one area no one should ever scrimp on is permits. When buyers start looking at the Providence real estate market, they will be looking for certain types of renovations. And they should definitely make sure that the right permits were obtained on the work.

Beware of Providence Real Estate without the Right Permits

Not having permits may look like a reasonable decision, given how much it costs to remodel a house. It’s especially tempting if you think you’re going to live in the house forever. But this is not true. Buyers might think it’s worth it to buy a house with unpermitted work, since it usually will be offered at a lower cost. What everyone needs to be aware of is that it can cost a lot more to get work permitted after the fact. Most cities and towns will want to work with people on permits, but not everyone will. There are plenty of horror stories about skyrocketing costs or even having to take out the work entirely. Unpermitted work can also open a home owner up to legal problems. If someone is injured because of unpermitted work, the owner can be liable. And unpermitted work is not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

The best practice is to always get a permit for remodeling work, and ideally buyers would pass on houses that don’t have the right permits. In reality, however, situations do arise where you have to figure out what to do after the fact. As a seller, you can look into how much it will cost to get permits on work already done. If you discover that your contractor was dishonest and didn’t get permits, contact a lawyer. As a buyer, look into the cost yourself and see if the discount offered on the house is reasonable. Your real estate agent should also be able to help you look into the renovation history of any Providence home you are seriously considering for purchase.

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