Small projects are best before selling Dawson Springs real estate.Renovation projects can be a lot of fun, but they also come with hefty price tags and require a huge time investment. Some Dawson Springs real estate owners are willing to undergo these hassles to make their current home just how they’ve always wanted it. But sometimes, people want to do big projects in the hope that their Dawson Springs home will sell for more than others in the neighborhood. The truth is that big renovations don’t usually get a big return on the investment. It’s the smaller and less expensive changes that snag a higher selling price. This means that you should only start on large renovation if it’s something you want and will enjoy.

Flowers, New Paint, and Shiny Hardware Make Your Dawson Springs Home Look Great

For anyone planning to enter the Dawson Springs real estate market, here are a few projects that many real estate agents recommend.

1. Curb appeal. People form an impression of a house very quickly, so make sure the first thing prospective buyers see is a beautiful front yard and porch. Mow the lawn, prune the trees and bushes, and add some pretty flowers. A new front door or a fresh coat of paint on the old one are some of the best improvements you can make.

2. Interior paint and flooring. Of course, you’re going to start by decluttering and deep cleaning. When that’s all done, talk with your agent about popular paint colors. White is a safe choice, but if you can manage something a big more interesting it will make your house stand out. New carpet is surprisingly cheap. New engineered flooring options look great. Some are even easy enough to install yourself.

3. New hardware. Again, check with your agent about what finishes seem to be adding value for buyers. Sleek new drawer pulls and cabinet handles in the kitchen and bathrooms are quickly installed and can really pack a punch.

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