Live in Dawson Springs and budget for closing costs.When you buy a house, you know you’re going to have to spend a bundle of money. However, selling a house can come with a sizable price tag, too. If you live in Dawson Springs and are considering selling your current house, you need to budget for several costs that will go along with the sale of the house. First, be sure to take into account closing costs. These are based on the selling price of the Dawson Springs property. You should also account for taxes and your real estate agent’s commission. The national average for closing costs is 8 to 10% of the selling price. Traditionally, the seller pays both their own agent’s commission and the commission for the buyer’s agent. Most agents charge 3%. Sometimes you can bargain with your agent for a lower amount, especially if they are representing you to both sell your current house and buy a new one.

Be Prepared to Deep Clean and Improve Dawson Springs Property to Get Top Dollar

The other major cost for sellers who live in Dawson Springs are home improvements before you put the house on the market. Be sure to talk with your agent about what improvements buyers in your area expect. Most sellers should plan to pay for professional house cleaning and carpet cleaning. Consider hiring a landscaping company to increase the curb appeal of the front of your home. Many sellers will repaint the interior and exterior, too. In higher end areas, a professional home stager can help your home really shine, which will net a higher selling price. Then there are the costs of moving--hiring a company or a moving truck, boxes, tape, and eating out while your kitchen is packed up.

Some sellers might balk at the idea of spending money to sell their house, especially with home improvements. However, houses that have been improved and upgraded are more likely to sell at or above their asking price, so it’s actually a good investment.

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