Keep Providence real estate warm this winter.Winter weather is in full swing near Providence real estate. The colder weather means that the furnace is running. If your home still feels chilly even with the heat on full blast and your utility bills are making you cringe, your home may be losing precious heat. Here is a look at the most likely culprits that may be causing your home to be colder than it should be.

The two leading sources of heat loss are doors and windows. Old windows are one of the biggest culprits for heat loss. Triple-glazed windows perform best when trying to keep heat inside your home. If replacing the windows in your Providence real estate is not in the budget, consider installing weather stripping and investing in some high quality curtains. Replacing old doors can also help. If you need a more budget-friendly solution, make sure that the area around the door frame is well insulated. Use weather stripping to fill in any gaps and install a new door sweep under the door to keep cold air from coming in.

Providence Home Owners Do a Full Inspection to Find Sources of Heat Loss

A few other areas to take a look at in your Providence home are the roof and power outlets and switches. Old roofs that have cracked shingles can lose heat. You should also inspect the insulation in your attic. If the insulation is old or missing in some locations, it would be a good idea to replace it. Other areas that often have poor insulation are the areas around outlets and power switches. This can be a DIY fix if you have the know how to disconnect the power and add external light switches and outlets. If this is not in your repertoire, seek out a good electrician to help you with your project.

Winter is the best time to find the sources of heat loss, but may not always be the best time to fix the problems. While weather stripping and new curtains can certainly help now, other fixes may need to wait for spring or summer.