Get help staging your Clay home.It can certainly feel overwhelming to sell your Clay home. There is so much to do to get all of your belongings packed up, spruce up the place, and get it ready for potential buyers to walk through. Decluttering and staging can seem intimidating, but here are a few easy tips you may not have considered that may make your life easier.

Ask Friends to Help You Get Clay Real Estate Ready and Hire Professionals

First of all, get some help and utilize outside resources. Rent a storage unit or find space in a friend’s garage to keep the items that will not be needed in the staging process. Pack away all of the items that are personal or that are not necessary for a while. Also consider hiring someone to deep clean your Clay home. This can take a load of stress off of yourself. Once the place shines, you just have to keep it that way. Another idea is to ask a good friend if you can borrow their eyes and nose. Have them take a look around to see if there is anything that needs further cleaning or sprucing. An outsider may also notice a strange smell that is lurking in a closet that you have become used to.

Also think about your Clay real estate, its size, and location and think about who the potential buyers will be. Then decorate for them. If your home is great for a young couple just starting out, make it appeal to them. Opt for an office instead of a kid’s room and think about using more trendy paint colors. If you are downsizing and it is likely that a family will be buying your home, think about what they will be looking for. Make your home look spacious and emphasize recreational spaces.

Also remember that you are not alone in this staging process. Talk with your Realtor for more suggestions. They have a wealth of knowledge and know what appeals most to potential buyers. We’d be happy to help you with this process. Give the office a call so we can get started.