Make a plan to live in Providence and age in place.The majority of people near the age of 50 who live in Providence would like to stay in their current home for as long as possible as they age. If this is your plan, keep in mind that it is much easier to make modifications or to move sooner rather than later. It is a good idea around age 50 to take a look at projected finances, lifestyle, and functionality of your current home as you age.

Think about what your income will be once you are retired. Will that amount be enough to cover insurance, taxes, and maintaining your Providence property? Keep in mind that you may no longer be able to perform repairs or maintain the yard the older you get. You may have to pay someone.

Make a List of Renovations to Providence Property to Make It Possible to Age in Place

Also think about what you think your life will be like. Will you be able to easily get around when you can no longer drive? Are your friends close or do you live outside of town? What about family? Is it convenient to visit or have them stay with you? Consider whether it would be easier to get around if you were living right in the city.

Lastly, look around your home and see if it is friendly to aging. Stairs inside the home often become difficult to get up and down and steps outside can be a burden as well. Make sure hallways and doorways are large enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. There should be a ground level bedroom and bathroom in a two-story house. The shower should be able to accommodate a bench. In the kitchen, install bright lights. Where can you put in a work space where you can sit rather than stand to prepare food? Make it as enjoyable as possible to live in Providence into old age.