Clay property owners research home warranty companies.Everyone who purchases a Clay property needs homeowners insurance, but what about a home warranty? Homeowners insurance only offers coverage in the case of an emergency, whereas a home warranty can provide coverage if a major system or appliance breaks down and needs repairs or to be replaced. Many home buyers do not have extra cash for unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Purchasing a home warranty can split the costs into monthly premium payments and a deductible. This can make it more affordable.

Ask Friends Living in Clay for Recommendations of Warranty Companies

Some who buy a Clay property may choose to purchase a home warranty themselves, but some homes may come with a warranty. Some real estate agencies may offer a home warranty as a perk when they sell someone a home. A builder may also offer a warranty on new construction, some mortgage lenders offer a home warranty as part of their package, and some sellers living in Clay may choose to include a home warranty to help buyers feel a peace of mind when making an offer on their house.

There are many options for home warranties. Be sure to do some research to understand what you are getting, especially if the home warranty is provided at no cost to you. There are plans that cover only appliances, only home systems like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical wiring, and some that cover both. There are also add-ons available for specialty appliances or systems like swimming pools and saunas. Costs vary and many insurance agencies do offer home warranty packages if you want to bundle, but there are other options out there. Ask for recommendations and suggestions from your realtor. When looking for home warranty options, be sure to ask about limits for coverage, deductibles, service fees, how claims will be paid, if there is a waiting period, and if there are any exclusions.