Be sure to get a Dawson Springs home inspection.Once you’re under contract on a Dawson Springs home, you need to schedule a home inspection. This is very important, since you want to be aware of any potential issues. You can also negotiate with the seller if the inspection turns up a problem that will be expensive to fix. To find the right inspector for Dawson Springs real estate, ask your real estate agent for recommendations and look online for reviews. You’ll want to be at the inspection, along with your agent. The seller’s agent will probably be there, too. You should block out several hours for the whole inspection. The inspector will not only be looking for problems. He or she will also be able to tell you about routine maintenance you’ll need to do.

Don’t Skip Inspection Day for Dawson Springs Real Estate

Be sure you have a copy of the seller’s disclosure statement for the inspector on inspection day. If repairs have been done, make sure they are double checked to be sure the issue is really solved. You also want to know if there is any unpermitted work on the house.

Your inspector will be looking at several major systems and structures in the Dawson Springs home.

  • The foundation should be free of cracks and not shifting. Make sure trees are not encroaching on it. Drainage should be away from the house.
  • Find out the age and condition of the roof. Be sure the attic is free from leaks.
  • Is asbestos an issue, either in the exterior or interior? That will be a problem if you want to remodel at all.
  • Inside, look for evidence of water damage around ceilings and windows. If there is a musty smell, it may be that the basement is wet. Be aware of other smells and figure out what is causing them.
  • The plumbing should be free of malfunctions and unexplained noises. Find out if the sewer line as been checked for cracks.
  • The electrical system should have all switches working and outlets grounded. Check to see if the panel is updated. Can it be expanded if you remodel?
  • Find out the age of the furnace and HVAC. Do they work well?
  • If you are getting appliances with the house, find out how old they are and if warranties are still in place.

Feel free to give the office a call so we can help you find a good home inspector.