Discuss disclosure on your Dawson Springs home with your agent.Selling your house is a big, complex deal. There’s all the work on the house itself you do, then there is a ton of paperwork, including the property disclosure. Most people think of the disclosure as protection of the buyer. It also protects the seller, so it’s vital to tell your real estate agent everything, no matter how small. This includes any work you’ve had done on your Dawson Springs home. Most cities require a permit for even simple-seeming jobs, like installing a new toilet or dishwasher.

Dawson Springs Real Estate Buyers Prefer to Know About Issues in Advance

Why do we recommend our clients disclose extensively on Dawson Springs real estate transactions? There are three important reasons. First, and most seriously, you don’t want to get sued over an issue that becomes apparent after the sale that you knew about but did not disclose beforehand. Lawsuits take up a lot of time and money. Being honest is an insurance policy against going to court.

Some clients worry that buyers might be scared off by too much disclosure. That may happen on occasion, but most people feel that the seller is being honest and transparent with them when there is an extensive disclosure. Buyers who have really set their hearts on a Dawson Springs home are often willing to overlook issues if they know about them up front.

It’s far more likely that buyers will back out of a deal if they learn about unpermitted work or other issues after the fact. Most people can cope with issues they know about but feel blindsided by problems they discover from a third party. Be sure to let your real estate agent know if you’ve had any work done on the house or around the property, including cutting down trees. If you didn’t get a permit but should have, you can probably get one after the fact. The best course of action is to find out about permits before doing the work and make sure your contractor gets one.

If you’re thinking of selling in the Dawson Springs area, get in touch with the office. We’d be happy to go over your house with you and talk about disclosure or anything else you need help with!